Taking the first step towards better oral health just got a whole lot easier

Taking the first step towards better oral health at the comfort of your

Our on-demand, technology-driven oral screening tells you problems in your mouth at early stages, actions to take for prevention and treatments, how much it costs and more.

* This service is not intended to replace a clinical visit to a dentist
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We believeearly detection of dental problems is the key to a healthy mouth and the whole body. Now you can do that at the comfort of your






What’s unique about KELLS

Dental care that comes to you

We know you are not thrilled about going to the dental office, so we are bringing preventative dental care to places where you live and work.

So fast that it fits into any schedule

We take X-rays and photos of your teeth in less than 10 minutes. That’s all the time you need with us. Don’t let busy schedules get in the way of your health.

When dentists meet AI

We combine remote dentists and our proprietary AI technology to give you the most insightful evaluation delivered in a modern and delightful report.

Avoid expensive treatments

We are focusing on prevention not drilling. By surfacing risks and problems early, we help you take actions before it's too late to eliminate painful treatments and expensive bills.

How it works


Book an appointment online


Licensed dental staff comes to you to take X-rays and photos


Report ready within 24 hours


Get recommendations for treatments and preventative actions

How we do the exam?

KELLS uses Artificial Intelligence to identify any potential dental anomalies that are hard to detect even for the best trained eyes. These findings are reviewed and confirmed by our dental team which increases average dentist accuracy by up to 40%.

The oral health report you never expect

A Refreshing Way to See Your Teeth

Status Snapshot

Comprehensive summaries for cavity and bone health status to help you understand overall risks of the most common oral diseases.


Detailed and interactive analysis

Explore surfaced issues with detailed information in an interactive and visual way


Potential actions with estimated pricing

Receive necessary treatment suggestions to keep you healthy, see video demonstration of procedures and estimated cost in your area.


Personalized notes

Purposefully written to give you additional information on your oral conditions and ways to improve, the warm care you can feel even virtually.



The most accessible and insightful dental exam

No surprises, no bills, no hidden fees. 100% up-front price transparency

KELLS at Home

Anywhere, anytime, just for you
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KELLS Onsite

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We are making world class dental care accessible to everyone

Oh My God, I’m so happy this (service) exists. The process is so easy and fast. The report is very informative and gives me an exact idea of what is going on in my mouth and information about the cavities and (treatment) process, and the cost as well. Definitely very helpful for me to prepare for next dental visits.

James L.

This is freaking brilliant! Not only I don’t need to travel to do my checkup exam, the report is definitely something I wish I had before after each exam. It helps me to understand exactly what I need to do to get the issues fixed immediately and prevent further cavities. I love it!

Tanya M.

Definitely a new experience for me when it comes to dental care. The hygienist came to do my x-rays in the morning and the report was sent to me by lunch. Everything is presented in a graphic way and telling you what you need to do to get better. I really like it overall. Also shared with my friends about it.

Joseph W.