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KELLS is your AI-powered dental companion to help you engage and navigate dental care through next generation virtual services and benefits.

KELLS enables accessible and personalized care to bring healthy smiles to everyone.

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One Platform for Your Oral Health and Dental Needs

Avoid delayed treatments and hefty bills

We analyze your dental risks and tell you when to visit the dentist to prevent costly surprises.

Don’t let dental anxiety get in the way

We help you understand potential dental work and costs, so you're always prepared.

Remove uncertainty on a treatment plan

We verify the necessity of proposed treatments, empowering you with clarity and confidence.

Consult a dentist on your terms

We connect you to a licensed dentist exactly when you need it at the comfort of your home.

Get personalized care recommendations

We recommend personalized care plans and products designed to maintain and improve your oral wellness at home.

A plug-and-play insurance enhancement

We supplement your existing insurance to unlock higher values and comprehensive care.

Meet the dental benefits you actually love using

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Quick dental checkup at home

  • Easily snap 5 photos using just your smartphone

  • Get a detailed evaluation analyzed by proprietary AI technology

  • Receive personal care recommendations

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Get expert-level dental advice

  • Real-time response to your dental questions

  • Benefits explanation and navigation

  • Multi-language support

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Verify a treatment plan with AI

  • Upload X-rays and treatment plan

  • Get unbiased evaluation within 24 hours

  • Save cost on unnecessary work

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Get expert consultation anytime from anywhere

  • A national network of dentists available 24/7

  • Get a virtual dental appointment with a licensed dentist

  • Address dental emergencies immediately

KELLS has driven these actual results

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to complete a dental checkup


of members discovered dental issues they were unaware of


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average saving on dental procedures

The KELLS app offers a user-friendly and innovative approach to dental care. My favorite aspect is the combination of AI-driven evaluations and expert knowledge, making it easy to identify potential oral problems and receive recommendations.

Rick P.

I'm honestly really astounded after my dental report. It's unbelievable what AI has been able to achieve. I've never seen such an extensive dental report, just from a mouth scan.

Jessica R.

It is a unique concept that provides comfort when waiting for long appointment times to see a dentist. It can save a lot of time submitting photos of emergency tooth situations versus going to urgent care, etc. Dentists are not always available (especially during night emergencies).

Damon A.

I really like the AI dental report because it really let me know the health of my teeth, it was very specific and detailed about specific teeth in my mouth, my overall health, and what I could do better for my oral health, as well as letting me know how much procedures will cost for me to improve my dental health, and what dentist I can go to in my area.

Kassandra F.

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