Our Mission

Bring better oral health to everyone by making early detection and prevention universally accessible

Our Values

• Removing barriers to access care

• Empowering patients to take control

• Start from mouth, unite with whole body

• Building equitable care at scale

Our Team

Jie Feng, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO
Kevin Duffy
Co-Founder & COO
Patricia Izquierdo, DDS
Clinical Review Lead
Boris Rjavinski
Partner, Strategy and Business Development
Stephanie Dirani
Clinical Operations Team Lead
Stephanie Kao
Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Our Advisors

Elad Walach
Founder & CEO at Aidoc
Joseph Carpentieri, DDS
Clinical Supervisor
Riju Khetarpal
Director, Global HCLS Partnerships at Google Cloud
Romulo Manzano
Founder and CTO at Carebound

Story behind the name KELLS

KELLS is named after Charles Edmund Kells, an inspiring figure who changed dentistry forever.

  • 'Father of dental radiography' and took some of the first teeth x-rays on patients.
  • Hired the first female dental assistant.
  • Had one of the first dental practice with electricity.
  • Outspoken critic for unnecessary extractions on patients.
It is hard to imagine the current dentistry without the changes he made 100 years ago. The innovative spirit is something rooted in everyone at KELLS to always challenge the status quo and push the envelope.