Advance Dental Care with AI

The only end-to-end platform to improve oral health remotely

Transformative Technology that Augments Providers and Empowers Individuals

AI-Driven Oral Health Platform

KELLS Clinic One is designed to enable virtual dental care with AI. This end-to-end solution makes it faster than ever to go from data to care with abilities to detect pathologies, automate reporting, optimize treatments, engage with patients and more.

More Accurate Diagnosis in Less Time

Dental care providers are exposed to a large amount of radiographic data to make key diagnostic decisions constantly. It is an increasing challenge even for experienced dentists to manually review these data with the desire to examine more patients in limited time. KELLS develops advanced AI system based on high quality clinical records to provide assistance for X-ray interpretation to remove subjectivity and enable more accurate and faster diagnosis of dental conditions.

Measurable Oral Health for Personalized Care

The lack of standardized measurement and analysis of oral health is the root cause for inconsistent care delivery. KELLS changes this by creating a scientific analytics framework to derive personalized health metrics for monitoring, forecasting and improving. It provides a shared language for providers, payors and patients to communicate and understand risk, quality of care and progress.

Preventative Care Backed by Data

Oral health is critically linked to our systemic health. Being able to prevent serious oral diseases can improve quality of life for the entire society. However, undiagnosed diseases represent a considerable risk in dentistry.

KELLS has the unique ability to identify various dental pathosis at early stages, forecast potential diseases and flag high risk patients. This will lead to a series of preventative strategies for early interventions and significantly reduce cost for complicated procedures and emergency visits.

Accessible Dental Care for Everyone

We believe access to timely, affordable and high quality dental care should be a universal right, especially for underserved populations that do not have insurance or live in areas where there are not enough doctors.

KELLS technology has the potential to democratize dental care with the ability to perform patient triage or screening during dental examinations in a remote setting or highly distributed facilities.


Built by the Best Minds in Dentistry and Technology

Highest Quality Data

Our system learns with clinically verified datasets that remove subjectivity and inconsistency to deliver trustworthy results.

Advanced Machine Learning

Our proprietary technology leverages computer vision, natural language processing and data science to equip our system to see, read and interact with expert level understanding.

Human-Centered Experience

KELLS AI is designed and built to be a reliable and intelligent partner with an experience that is assistive and collaborative. It continously improves by learning from expert inputs and deliver values at the right moment.