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Screening for busy lives / productivity

Increase insurance utilization

Help members improve their oral hygiene

Reduce longer-term costs with more preventive care

You are in good company

Oh My God, I’m so happy this (service) exists. The process is so easy and fast. The report is very informative and gives me an exact idea of what is going on in my mouth and information about the cavities and (treatment) process, and the cost as well. Definitely very helpful for me to prepare for next dental visits.

James L.

This is freaking brilliant! Not only I don’t need to travel to do my checkup exam, the report is definitely something I wish I had before after each exam. It helps me to understand exactly what I need to do to get the issues fixed immediately and prevent further cavities. I love it!

Tanya M.

Definitely a new experience for me when it comes to dental care. The hygienist came to do my x-rays in the morning and the report was sent to me by lunch. Everything is presented in a graphic way and telling you what you need to do to get better. I really like it overall. Also shared with my friends about it.

Joseph W.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's there a minimum number of screenings for an event?

At least 10 screenings are required for an onsite visit.

What does it cost to have KELLS come to hold an event?

We work with organizations individually to personalize each event based on the need.

What is required from the business?

Not much! We bring everything needed to operate the service including equipment, supplies, computers, and even internet. The business will provide space and basic furniture like tables and chairs.

How much space is required?

Our operation is lightweight and does not require a heavy setup. We can operate both indoors and outdoors with minimal space of one screening at a time and can scale to multiple as needed. We recommend an indoor room for privacy reasons.

Is there a way to partner if we have many members to serve?

Absolutely! We partner with organizations of all sizes to create the optimal schedules to deliver the services. Contact us at to set up a quick call.

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