Onsite Dental Scan

Get an AI-powered comprehensive dental evaluation with X-rays in just 10 mins, without a trip to a dentist.


How it works



Book an appointment online and select the closest KELLS location



Licensed dental staff takes your X-rays and intra-oral photos



Report ready within 24 hours



Get recommendations for treatments and preventative actions

This service is not intended to replace a clinical visit to a dentist

How we do the exam?

KELLS uses its proprietary Artificial Intelligence to identify any potential dental anomalies that are hard to detect even for the best-trained eyes. These findings are reviewed and confirmed by our dental team which increases average dentist accuracy by up to 40%.

The oral health report you deserve

A Refreshing Way to See Your Teeth

Status Snapshot

Comprehensive summaries for cavity and bone health status to help you understand overall risks of the most common oral diseases.


Detailed and interactive analysis

Explore surfaced issues with detailed information in an interactive and visual way


Potential actions with estimated pricing

Receive necessary treatment suggestions to keep you healthy, see video demonstration of procedures and estimated cost in your area.


Personalized notes

Purposefully written to give you additional information on your oral conditions and ways to improve, the warm care you can feel even virtually.


Oh My God, I’m so happy this (service) exists. The process is so easy and fast. The report is very informative and gives me an exact idea of what is going on in my mouth and information about the cavities and (treatment) process, and the cost as well. Definitely very helpful for me to prepare for next dental visits.

James L.

This is freaking brilliant! Not only I don’t need to travel to do my checkup exam, the report is definitely something I wish I had before after each exam. It helps me to understand exactly what I need to do to get the issues fixed immediately and prevent further cavities. I love it!

Tanya M.

Definitely a new experience for me when it comes to dental care. The hygienist came to do my x-rays in the morning and the report was sent to me by lunch. Everything is presented in a graphic way and telling you what you need to do to get better. I really like it overall. Also shared with my friends about it.

Joseph W.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the scan take?

Each scan is less than 10 minutes per person.

During this time our hygienist will take digital images of your mouth using a portable x-ray device. The hygienist will then go through each image with you to ensure they are of the highest quality.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that these reports are the product of both AI and a certified dentist, so please remember to take a look at your digital report after your screening! This is necessary to not only confirm what you have already heard from the hygienist but also reveal additional spots for improvement.

I just finished my scan, what’s next?

Please remember to take a look at your digital report after your appointment! This is necessary to not only confirm what you have already heard from the hygienist, but also reveal additional spots for improvements. We take a lot of pride in the fact that these reports are a product of our AI and reviewed by a certified dentist.

My name doesn’t show up in the list for upcoming appointments, what happened?

Double-check that you filled out your consent form completely, there is a second page that needs to be completed in order to complete registration.

Help! I can’t find my report!

We make sure to send every patient an email that contains a link to their report. Try taking a look in your spam folder. The email should be sent from: team@getkells.com.

I clicked the link to open my report and it says I need to sign in. How should I continue?

To view your report you first need to SIGN UP using the email address you received your report from. This will help to verify that the report belongs to you!

If you received your report by text, use the email address you provided when scheduling the scan.

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