Treatment Verification

Get a verification on your dental conditions and treatment plan powered by AI and remote dentists.


How it works


Submit Records

X-rays, treatment plan, etc



Unbiased evaluation done by AI and remote dentist



Get notified via email or text within 24 hours


Take Actions

Decide the right treatments to get or talk with a teledentist

How we do the review?

After your record is submitted, KELLS combines Artificial Intelligence and our dental team to identify any potential dental anomalies which increases accuracy by up to 40% compared to evaluation solely by naked eyes.

‍We then recommend unbiased treatment options that are necessary and personalized for you to help make the best decision forward.

What our service includes

We verify and confirm conditions for:

  • filling

  • root canal

  • crown

  • implant

  • extraction

  • dentures/partials

  • deep cleaning/gum disease

The oral health report you deserve

A Refreshing Way to See Your Teeth

Status Snapshot

Comprehensive summaries for cavity and bone health status to help you understand overall risks of the most common oral diseases.


Detailed and interactive analysis

Explore surfaced issues with detailed information in an interactive and visual way


Potential actions with estimated pricing

Receive necessary treatment suggestions to keep you healthy, see video demonstration of procedures and estimated cost in your area.


Personalized notes

Purposefully written to give you additional information on your oral conditions and ways to improve, the warm care you can feel even virtually.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from getting a second opinion from a dental office?

Instead of looking for a dentist, book an appointment, travel to the office and wait in the line, we make the process so much easier by doing it completely virtually. The best part, your case will be evaluated with our latest AI technology combined with a remote expert dentist to give you an accurate, detailed and unbiased report that you would be telling your friends and family about.

What records do I need to submit for evaluation?

X-rays are required with optional photos and treatment plan you received from the previous visit.

How can I get the records requested?

You can request X-rays and other document from the office you visited for free. If you need help, you can email us the office information and we can request it on your behalf.

How long does it take to complete the review?

The review typically takes less than 24 hours after we receive your case. You will be notified via email and text once the review is completed.

Can I share the report to my dentist?

Sharing the report with your dentist on record is super simple. You can download the whole report with all the images in one zip file and send it over via email.